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Awesome Persian NLP/IR, Tools And Resources

Persian NLP پردازش متن فارسی

This list is curation of the best, not of everything. Please participate in its development.Thanks to ACL WEB. Contents Tools Part-of-Speech Tagger Language Detection Tokenization & Segmentation Normalizer And Text Cleaner Transliterator Named Entity Recognition Embeddings Morphological Analysis Stemmer Spell Checking Information Extraction Data Part-of-Speech Tagger Dependency Parsing Text Categorization and Classification Spell Checking Machine Tanslation Web Collected IR Ranking Evaluation …

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صفحه کلید فارسی استاندارد Persian Keyboard Layout Standard

جزئیات صفحه کلید استاندارد فارسی Persian Keyboard Layout Standard

نمایش جزئیات صفحه کلید استاندارد فارسی

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